About Us

Welcome to Our World, Where Community Drives Development

At StreetLights Residential, everything we do is built with purpose. Our company takes a design-centric approach to urban development with a focus on multifamily apartment homes and mixed use developments.

About_07StreetLights Residential was founded as a design-driven, vertically integrated development firm. We believe in a world where development is inspired by neighborhood wellness; where building longevity is paramount to our success; and, where community means more than short-term financial gains. By centralizing talent and focusing on quality, we’re proving this strategy to be highly profitable in more ways than one.

About_05StreetLights Residential has brought the brightest minds in development, design, construction, and asset management under one roof. With an experienced StreetLights architect guiding each project, the development process is streamlined by in-house construction and finance teams. Redefined metrics guide our unique philosophy to program and platform, while our vision focuses on creating buildings that are both cohesive and endearing to the neighborhood.

About_03To us, a building is a living, breathing structure. It has the ability to empower a community and grow within its fabric. At StreetLights Residential, we believe that if you build with continuity and future development in mind, quality follows. This is our proven strategy, our design philosophy, and our sustained belief—not to mention, an approach we’re proving viable across an extensive property portfolio.

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